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Solar Film and Safety Film

Start your journey to energy savings with our innovative solar film solutions. Our company specializes in providing top-quality solar films that not only protect your interiors but also harness the power of the sun to reduce your energy bills. Discover a brighter and more efficient future with us!

Sun Protection at Home With Solar Film

If you are looking for one of the best solar film in Singapore, come visit Nueva Curtain Empire. We offer and install various types of solar films designed to reduce heat, prevent heat loss, and improve your home's insulation. Some of our solar films, such as the UV window film or Low-E film, ensure your window visibility is not compromised while shielding your home from excessive heat.

Varieties of Solar Film in Singapore

In the local sun-drenched climate, solar film serves as a popular solution to manage heat and glare. Here are some options for the best solar film in Singapore:

Reflective Solar Film: These films divert solar radiation effectively, reducing heat and glare. With a mirrored exterior and privacy features, they are a popular choice in both residential and commercial spaces seeking energy efficiency and comfort.

Ceramic Solar Film: Harnessing ceramic nanoparticles, these films excel in rejecting heat and UV rays while maintaining optical clarity. Ideal for keeping interiors cool without compromising visibility in the hot, tropical weather.

Low-E Solar Film: Known for reducing heat transfer and stabilising interior temperatures, Low-E films ensure comfort regardless of external weather fluctuations. A great choice for year-round maintaining the interior temperature in the constantly changing local climate.

Decorative Solar Film: Balancing solar control and aesthetics, these films incorporate patterns, textures, and colours to add a unique touch to spaces. Widely used in interior design for heat reduction alongside aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of Solar Film Installation

Enhanced Privacy: Living near a busy street or nosy neighbours can compromise privacy. Solar film offers a solution with one-way visibility, enabling you to see outside while preventing outsiders from peering in.

Energy Savings: Solar films help to block heat entry, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning in summer and helping retain warmth in winter. This year-round energy efficiency leads to considerable savings without compromising comfort.

Reinforced Windows: Solar window film adds an additional layer of protection, fortifying windows against accidents, and ensuring better durability and impact resistance.

UV Protection: Solar film contributes to preventing skin and eye damage by shielding your interiors from harmful UV rays. Installing solar film to your windows acts as a barrier against UV radiation, protecting both you and items in your home from damage resulting from excessive sun exposure.

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