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From full blackout options to lightweight sheer weaves or a combination of both, curtains can instantly transform any space from drab to classy. We carry a wide variety of curtain fabrics and colours to complement any interior design.

Stylish Motorised Curtains for Your Homes

Curtains are not just decorative; they serve a practical purpose by reducing sun glare and enhancing indoor visuals. Motorised curtains in Singapore offer an elegant solution to control light and outside noise, ensuring a visually appealing and comfortable environment at your fingertips.

At Nueva Curtain Empire, our dedication to individual style and comfort is reflected in our motorised curtains, blending style with functionality. Crafted from quality materials, our curtains cater to diverse house styles, offering the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

Types of Motorised Curtains

· Remote-Controlled Curtains: Effortlessly open and close curtains with a simple click, ideal for a user-friendly experience.

· Smart Home Integration: Seamlessly integrated with smart home systems for voice or app-controlled operation, compatible with Alexa and Google Home platforms.

· Timer-Controlled Curtains: Set curtains to open or close at specific times for automated and energy-efficient environments.

· Light and Temperature Sensors: Some curtains feature sensors that adjust positions based on sunlight or room temperature for enhanced energy efficiency.

Buy Motorised Curtains in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Explore Curtain Designs

Browse our extensive online catalogue to discover a wide range of motorised curtain designs tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Seamless Quoting

Provide measurements for an instant estimate, adding selected curtains to your cart and proceeding to checkout for your estimate list.

Step 3: Professional On-Site Visit

Schedule an on-site visit for accurate measurements and finalising designs, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Why Choose Our Motorised Curtains?

Modern Technology: Our automated curtains in Singapore integrate modern technology for enhanced convenience.

Customisable Options: Customisable options allow the motorised curtains to suit the distinct features of every space.

Reliable Customer Service: We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality service, guiding you through selection, installation, and ongoing support.

Proven Track Record: Our track record showcases our reliable and efficient motorised curtain solutions, earning our clients' trust.

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