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Terms And Conditions of Warranty for Curtain / Blinds


  • Date of Delivery is an estimated time only. Cancellations of the sales order OR claims for compensation OR deduction on the price by the customer due to delays in delivery shall NOT be entertained, especially for those imported items. The lead time is 2 weeks to 6 months. There is an uncertainty of the arrival time for imported items as it may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as delay in shipment as well as manufacturing process. This is beyond our control and command.

  • All good sold / delivered / supplied or ordered are not to be returned.

  • The delivery date & time are subjected to “Nueva Curtain Empire Pte Ltd”

  • Customers shall inspect goods upon delivery or installation. Should there be any complaint, it must be made in writing to “Nueva Curtain Empire Pte Ltd” within 7 days of delivery or installation. After which, the goods shall be deemed to be received in good condition and all in order.

  • “Nueva Curtain Empire Pte Ltd” Reserved the right to cancel any orders. However, in such instances, deposit will be refunded.

  • Any Fabric defect shall NOT be the ground for cancellation of the sales order. Our company will replace for the matters.

  • Any the above terms and conditions are subject to alter or change by “Nueva Curtain Empire Pte Ltd” without any prior notice.

Terms And Conditions of Warranty for Wallpaper

  • All Wallpaper Products have a limited warranty, 1 Year Workmanship for Peeling off.

  • In additional our Warranty does not cover Wear & Tear of customers failure to take reasonable care.

  • Do Note That Peeling off caused by water seepage resulting in High Moisture content in customer wall not be cover under our warranty.

  • Warranty Only Provide for water / oil sealer Base Coating wall & smooth wall surface.

Terms And Conditions of Warranty for Solar Control Films


  • Installation of window films is highly recommended to be done in a clean environment. However, almost all job sites are not 100% dust free, thus some dust particles may be trapped in between the film and glass during installation. Our experienced installer will minimise this and assure you that the performance of the film is not compromised. A general rule of thumb is to observe the glass panels six feet away.

  • We are not responsible for any moving or removing of obstructions to the glass panels. In the case where our installer is requested to move any glass panels or objects, we will not be responsible for any damages or breakage of the glass or objects.

  • Slight gaps may be observed along the edges and corners of the window frames after installation. This is usually due to the window frame conditions e.g. Unevenness of the silicone, rubber gasket, etc.

  • Dying time a firm application is approximately 30 days. During this period, any haziness of milky appearance will soon disappear, all water bubbles will dry out, but a few particles may be apparent when dry. These particles will only be seen if you get close to the glass, which is something we ordinarily do not do. It will affect the performances of the firm.

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