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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an excellent choice if you wish to fill a room with natural light, but don’t want it to be too glaring or too hot. We offer a variety of fabrics for roman blinds to suit your desired budget, design or functionality.

Elegant Roman Blinds for Your Windows

Roman blinds possess a unique elegance, thanks to their soft, graceful folds that add a touch of beauty to almost any room in your home.

Crafted from a single piece of fabric, these blinds neatly fold into pleats when raised. Connected to mounting slats by a cord, they exude a sleek, modern appearance.

Their clean, horizontal lines not only enhance your home's aesthetic but also offer increased privacy and temperature control. Additionally, they efficiently filter or block out light and glare.

Types of Roman Blinds

Soft Fold Roman Shades: Also known as relaxed or looped Roman shades, they exhibit a soft, continuous curve along the bottom hem, suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, offering a relaxed and informal look.

Flat Roman Blinds: These blinds have a simple, elegant appearance, with a single piece of fabric lying flat against the window when fully extended. Ideal for modern and contemporary settings with their clean, minimalist design.

Features & Benefits of Roman Blinds

· Varied fabric types, colours, and textures cater to different interior design needs.

· Simplicity in operation makes them an easy-to-use window treatment.

· They serve as a design element that complements your space's aesthetic.

· Effective in keeping out heat and harmful UV rays.

· Compared to curtains, they occupy minimal space in a room due to their vertical alignment.

Reasons to Install a Roman Blind in Singapore

Visual Appeal: Roman blinds exude a rustic charm that adds a softer, traditional appearance, ideal for creating a cosy yet elegant atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms.

Durability: Crafted from quality materials, every component, from the cord to the fabric and eyelet, ensures durability over a long time.

Ease of Use: Popular for their simplicity, a Roman blind in Singapore comes in both cord-controlled and motorised options, offering easy operation and hassle-free installation.

Privacy: Their thicker, semi-opaque materials offer better privacy compared to regular blinds.

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